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Left side tray


In the version 2.11.1, the Gold pack users have the possibility to move both trays either to the left or to the right side. 



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    Glad to hear. Having the tray on the right is most challenging for us lefties. Very much appreciated

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    Joanne Sinclair45

    Hope you give us the option in the near future, until this latest update I loved this game, now it's just tedious trying to play, hope you realise that left handed people are a large part of the population.

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    J McKinney

    The ability to switch sides is helpful for left AND right sided users, persons with visual perception/visual field problems, etc. please restore option to switch tray location for all users. Thanks

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    Please fix this QUICK!

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    I am so pleased you are going reinstate the left hand tray, I find I just cannot use the puzzle without it. I hope you can put this back very soon as I am missing using your very nice app.

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    Yolanda Classen

    Thank you for remembering us lefties that love playing this game....SO HURRY UP!!

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    Are we able to have the option of removing the tray as I never use it?

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    Linda Osborne

    Thank you for reinstating the left hand puzzle tray. I love solving puzzles on my iPad and so does my grandson, who will be 5 in July.

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    I don't why I don't have two trays anymore since I transferred to a new iPad Pro ! Why do I have a commercial ad? In one of the trays , which makes me only have one tray !

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