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How do I restore my puzzle packs?

You can restore your puzzle packs one by one from the Puzzle shop:

1) open the Puzzle shop:


2) click on the Categories button in the bottom left corner:


3) My Purchases:


4) find the pack and tap Restore on it:






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    Restore purchases

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    Gayle King

    I bought The Jungle puzzle but I try to download it, goes through its process then it says failed!
    I really want this puzzle but if it won't download then I want my coins back.

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    I cannot open my app from my Ipad, so I did log in my Pc and found that I am in the first level.
    I was in the 207 level and with more than 7000 coins saved. Yesterday I bought some puzzles from you and after that I found this problem. Thank you for your attention.

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    Rebecca Mason

    I am trying to purchase all of the January extra puzzles, since I was able to fix my Apple Pay, but it does not work. If I purchase one at a time it works perfect. Did the off to purchase all for 2.99 expire? If so you should remove the option from the offer. Also I am still loosing my gold coins when I opt to watch a video--the application freezes when showing the add with the FISH screaming, or it looks like it is screaming. Second time I have mentioned this issue. Please respond ASAP. I have sent two or three requests with no response. I realize your team is probable very busy but I would really like to purchase the extra puzzles and stop having to restart the game every time I try to redeem the coins I have earned. Thanks

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    Wanda J Bell

    I am unable to see the packs that I have purchases on My Collection page. It keeps saying that the the puzzle that I am trying to restore has failed. Will not download.

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    Ashley N Barror

    I lost all of my puzzles after I had to reset my Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge phone. I purchased the Gold pack in 2014-2015. I was able to restore everything after I purchased my phone last year but unable to do so now.

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    Dear Sir,
    My name is Barbara Maki I have the magic puzzles on my I-pad. I am having trouble with my puzzles. I start the puzzle and then it freezes and I have to start over. Please help me concerning this matter.

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    Please help me! I had my iPad restored and Los all my puzzles and coins. Can you retrieve them?

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    Please can you help me magic puzzles were unintentionally deleted I had a many puzzles in my colection , I’ve had to change password as forgot old one ,that’s fine but can everything be reinstated on my iPad for me I’m disabled so it’s helpful for me me have access to them. Thanking you Sheila

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    I have a new device and can not get back to my existing packs, in fact I have tried to download several times and must start over every time. The sign did show that I am a returning user but still will not show my existing packs.

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    Stephanie vigil

    I switched over from android to Apple... how can I get all the purchase I did from my old phone to this app??

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    Irene Graul

    I had spent a lot of money on these puzzles but I don’t have them on my device. I had them all. It’s a lot of money. Please help me to get these back. I would appreciate it

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    Magic Puzzles Support Team

    Dear Irene,

    Thank you for contacting us!

    Please make sure that you are logged in the app itself with the same details you used for registration before (Facebook account or an email).
    Tap on Settings ( = three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of your Collection page) - Account.
    If you are logged in the app, on the Login page you will see your Facebook name or e-mail you used for registration in the app.
    If you are not logged, you will see the word ""Connect"" or ""Login with email"".
    You need to log in with the same details you used for registration before.
    After that please restore your puzzle packs from the Puzzle shop.

    If the issue with restoring puzzles still persists, please contact us via our email support@zimad.com.

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