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I don't see any photos in My Photos section

Please make sure that the access is allowed in the Settings of your iPad: 
Settings -> Privacy -> Photos -> Magic Puzzles -> On.

If you are using iPad 1, please enable Location Services in the Settings of your device. 


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    Doug Henderson

    I can't access the puzzles I've created. When I touch the puzzle, an ad comes up for a group of puzzles for $4.99.

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    Magic Puzzles Support Team

    Hello Doug,

    Thank you for the message.
    The ability to make puzzles from your own photos is a paid feature included into the Gold Deal.
    Thus you see the suggestion to purchase it.

    We are sorry for the confusion.

    Best regards,
    Magic Puzzles Team

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    I can see my collections, have registered and signed in. When I try to choose a collection, I am kicked out.

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    Susan russell

    I can't see any of my puzzles. They are all blacked out. All of my settings are as they should be

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    Seema alwi

    Well, the same as the two above, cannot see any puzzles at all. What is the solution, I have checked my settings and they are correct.

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    Cyndy Jackson

    I'm having the same problem as the above complaints. My puzzles are blank pieces

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    Rose Ziegler

    I just transferred to a new iPad and can only see some of my puzzle pack for those packs I can see when I select a puzzle to work on it kicks me out of the app

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    Elizabeth Rowley

    Have my coins been used to pay for my own photos if they have how many coins are each photo

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    Joanne Fisher

    Made some puzzles with my photos and when I click on them, the $4.99 special comes up. So I bought the special.

    So now when I click one of my pictures - up comes the same "special" offer. So I go to buy it again and it says "Do you want to buy this again?"

    One would think if you bought it, it would work. Not only do I have no access to my photo picture puzzles, I don't have any of the rest of the offers that "I bought".
    Can someone explain what I bought and how I can gain access to it?

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    Karen Tatum

    Every time Apple has an update the puzzle pieces are there with no pics

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    Andrew Budd

    I can,t access my photos since update. I have been able to before

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    candice highsmith

    I have a new iPad and am unable to see any puzzles is the "my collection" section. I have followed instructions without luck.

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    can you select more than one picture at a time

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    I had to delete and reinstall the app on my iPad. Now when I sign in my points are there but none of the puzzle packs that I have earned. How do I get them back?

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    TA V

    All my settings are as you have stated but I do not see any of my photos, they are all of dogs

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    Danny Parker

    I had to delete the Magic Puzzles app. When I brought it back and sign back in on my personal puzzle packages are gone. The ones that paid for, my photos of my wife and grandchildren, etc.

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