FAQ Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Pieces move too slow or stuck

Please reboot your iPad and relaunch Magic Puzzles app in the following way: 

If your iOS version is 7.0 or higher: 
- Double tap the Home button
- Find Magic Puzzles icon and slide the page out of the Task Panel
- Then open the app again 


If your iOS version is 6.1.3 or lower: - Double tap the Home button
- Find Magic Puzzles icon in the Task Panel, press and hold for several seconds
- Press red X sign 
- Open Magic Puzzles app again


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    David Paulson

    Magic puzzles icon does not show up on my task bar , so I can't reload app. Need fix for stuck pieces while working puzzle

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    Pamela Thompson

    So slow and jerky and then freezes for a while. Please advise how to fix the problem. Have tried your suggestions and doesn't work. Took 5 minutes to type this complaint.

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    Having a very hard time getting this app. To open all! Very annoying, please let me know how to fix it so I can enjoy my puzzles again. Thank you

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    All my puzzles are two different puzzles in one. It doesn't matter which group of puzzles I go to, they all have two puzzles.

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    Carole Gibson

    Where is the home button?

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    Carole Gibson

    I up graded the app and then my puzzle was real slow and the pieces would get stuck. I don't have a home button. I have an apple I pad. Please help.

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    I recently finished a Puzzle with 630 pieces that was a created puzzle made from a picture of my Photo Gallery, once I completed it, the Rewards and Coins won't show up and it stays on Puzzle Screen. Not frozen, when I touch the puzzle it slightly disappears and I'm not missing any pieces that I'm aware. The Completion sound even plays. The puzzle still remains in my "Started" box. I tried to hold for several seconds to see if any are really missing and nothing glows.

    Also having troubles Zooming in and Out? Won't let me zoom out to check if I really am missing a piece or not. I'm stuck in the bottom right corner of the puzzle.

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    How do you figure on getting, as you are working a puzzle, and the app goes to my home page (the home page from my iPhone) all of the sudden. I didn't push ANYTHING.

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    Vivian Dobbs

    What is the Task Bar?

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    My 2019 calendar will not allow me to tap on the day and have it open. Also my pieces get stuck and won’t move

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