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How do I create puzzles from my own pictures?

The ability to create your own puzzles is included into Magic Puzzles VIP. Please follow the link to learn more: Magic-Puzzles-VIP

Press the camera symbol - My photos - and choose any picture from your Gallery or take a new picture with your camera.



Please make sure that the access is allowed in the Settings of your iPad:
Settings -> Privacy -> Photos -> Magic Puzzles -> On

You can also create and publish your photos for free using Jigsaw Puzzle Feed 



  • Avatar
    Sandra burgess

    Why does it give me an ad

  • Avatar
    Louise Adams

    Why when I load a picture and try to access the puzzle, do I get an ad and not the puzzle?

  • Avatar
    Shelley Lee Wellar

    Why can I not use a picture I created from my photos? All I get is an add for puzzles and not my picture as a puzzle?

  • Avatar
    Shirley Balog

    I'm also getting ads when I try using one of my own pictures. How are do we use our own pictures?

  • Avatar
    Céline Cannon

    I' m also getting d'as wehnelts I try using one of my own pictures. How do we use our own pictures?

  • Avatar
    Céline Cannon

    I am also getting ads when I try using one of my own pictures. How do we use our own pictures ?

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    Magic Puzzles Support Team

    Dear Customers!

    We are very sorry for the possible confusion.
    The ability to make puzzles from your own photos is a paid feature included into the Gold Pack. That is why you see the pop up message offering it.

    Please also let me note that the Gold Pack also includes:

    • No Ads version of the game
    • 3 puzzle packs
    • All the melodies in the JukeBox unlocked

    Kind regards,
    Magic Puzzles Team

  • Avatar
    Martin Homfray

    The easiest thing to avoid this confusion is either:-
    1. Make creating puzzles from own photo's available.to ALL or
    2. Disable option to create puzzles from own photo's unless you have Gold pack.

    Simple!! Stops all confusion dose'nt it!!!!

  • Avatar

    Feedback on creating your own puzzles. Your FAQ section doesn't mention that it's only available to those who have paid a subscription. It would be easier for people if you state this when people select that option rather than being confronted with one of your adverts. It's somewhat deceiving on your part.

  • Avatar

    I have the gold pack but it won't allow me to get to my photos to make my own puzzle. Any suggestions?

  • Avatar

    I PURCHASED THE GOLD PACK and it still won't allow me to solve my puzzles without the ad popping up again! And, they are not filed in a created puzzle file.

  • Avatar
    John Campbell

    I got gold pack and it worked perfectly

  • Avatar

    It doesn't state that you have to have a Gold Pack to create your own photos to play. That's deceiving to your customer. I've been playing these puzzles for a long time now they are very relaxing but some problems I still have had no response from you. I've sent emails with no answers from you to solve the problems on these puzzles, why? Could you please say something to me regarding this. Donna

  • Avatar
    Eileen Boryan

    I have the Gold Pack and saved a couple photos. But it is requiring photos be posted to Facebook and shared and I have to pay with a lightning bolt to play my own picture. That definitely needs to be fixed please.

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