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What is Login section?

Registration in the app allows you to easily restore your game progress and all your purchases in Magic Puzzles Shop in case the app is accidentally deleted or your device is changed. 

You can register in the app via e-mail or Facebook account. 
You are able to view your stats and all the packs linked to your account with us: 
Here you can also restore free and paid packs one by one.



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    Sandie Shelton

    I was able to restore the AP but I have been unable to restore my stats or my coins. The 'My Account' field does not show when I select the AP. Can you restore my settings?

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    Tried everything to restore lost coins and level..this is the second time and it's going on months now..

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    Jackie Masud

    I knew that I would regret installing the new Apple update! I lost everything..puzzle packs, coins, level progress. I had 105560 coins( I just bought coins a few days ago and because I've lost coins numerous times, I've started keeping track of them). I was on level 22. Can you please restore everything? I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and it didn't work.

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    Carol Seligmann

    carol Seligmann
    I just finished downloading iOS 8.0 and have now discovered my puzzles are blank are blank. I have tried to register my account and have not succeeded with this task. I do not want to delete and reload this app until I am sure that my account information is registered correctly.

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    Brenda Willey

    I have registered and I pressed the restore all paid downloads and still nothing is working. Please fix or refund the money of my purchased puzzles.

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    Debra Ritenour

    I keep getting an error message when trying to connect to facebook or my email. The error message says " error. the operation couldnt be completed. (com.facebook.sdk error 2.)" i currently have 5600 coins and do not want to lose them like others have. i wish you would have sent us a message saying do not update you will have problems. -debra

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    Diane sanders

    My registration is not working. Message stated the link I clicked on has expired. I need a link that works. To get in. I already downloaded the New Zealand free pkg but I cannot click on it to open. All of my puzzles are empty frames. Help!

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    Carmen McKenzie

    I am trying to join the tournament, however, I keep getting a message that I must register. I have registered through the link that was sent to my email and it has been confirmed. In fact, when I tried it again, it indicated that I was already registered. However, I continue to have a message telling me to check my mailbox. Please help

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    I purchased the ultra pack and it doesn't show the packs I have gotten on my iPad Air. I have tried everything.

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    Anne Quaid

    I've signed in in the app and registered with Xmad but they don't seem to have recognised each other. I don't have an account in the app at all and I am unable to make any purchases. I have checked settings restrictions etc and that is switched to ON but even time I try and purchase the gold pack nothing happens. I get the ad pop up so I click on 'buy now' and absolutely nothing happens. Help

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    I have been going in circles trying to contact you about my lost levels and coins after the ios8 update. All I get is an auto response that you received my email and are looking into the matter. I was on level 17 and had almost 4000 coins. I am back up to level 10 since the mishap and have 1060 coins and have still not heard from you. Check my settings? What settings might that be? Not holding my breath for a response.

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    Liane Kelly

    All prior comments are the same as what i have encountered. Where are my purchased packs? Refund or reload, but nothing works that is on the FAQ page!

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    Conny Streckhardt

    I have a new iPad Air and I'm pleased to transfer my data. Now I am missing on the new ipad purchased packages and already earned level. Since September everything is missing. Also delete the App several times and new registration have not helped. How can I restore my current data and especially my purchased packages again ?

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    Margaret Carr

    I have a large no. of puzzles and coins on a second iPad but the app will no longer open. Tried the usual tricks without any effect. Decided to try to transfer all my puzzles and coins to this second ipad. Can't do this because the app doesn't open on the other iPad .
    Any suggestions please. Margaret

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    Sarah Burkhardt

    I had an account that I just paid for gold package. About a week later I turned in my iPad and bought a new one. When I downloaded and logged in, I no longer had gold. What do I do to get it back.

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    Esther F Lemus

    I transferred my coins and my levels to new iPad but the puzzles I finished don't show up

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    Need help! Loaded app and account on our other iPad. Levels and coins are not the same!

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    Stephanie Clarke

    I purchased 5,000 coins but cannot retrieve them.

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    Nico burns

    I purchased a new puzzle pack tonight with 2990 coins. I accidentally deleted the pack when I was clearing completed packs. I can't seem to retrieve it in my account & it wants me to purchase again to restore the puzzle pack. Help please!!!

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    Cristy Acosta

    I can not have all my coins And all my pakages puzzles on my new iPad Air 2.
    Please I need HELP. I Like to play with them

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    At last after much trying downloaded app. Everything ok except when a puzzle is completed no coins added why please

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    Tom Sawyer

    I updated my puzzle and now I have lost all my coins and the ones that I am suppose to get from working the puzzle and also the ones I am suppose to get from the cards are not showing up in my coin collection what is wrong with this puzzle game please help.

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    I had made a purchase for 5000 coins. After I made the purchase I registered my account. When I registered my account the coins I had plus the coins I had purchased vanished. It also put me back to level 1. I've email the company several times with no response from them. I have still been putting together the puzzles on here and have been collecting more coins however after exiting the game then going back into it all the coins I've collected are gone.

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    Marcia plummer

    I have lost all of my coins. Each time I finish a puzzle I don't collect the coins, they disappear. How do I get my coins back?

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    I had over 5000 coins but had to change my email. When I changed it I lost all the coins. It kept all the puzzle I earned and bought but not the coins. Can I get those back?

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    Linda Back

    I can not sign in on new I pad

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    nancy Soward

    I like the puzzles, however, I am not buying any more puzzles until you have fixed my coin problem. Every time I earn or win coins they disappear, I have a 0 balance on coins. I have lost over 5,000 coins. Nancy

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    Hazel Forde

    Dear sir / Madam,
    Please can you help....Arrghh!!!
    It appears all of my coins have been lost for some time now! I thought I should give the app some time to re-credit my coins should there be a general problem that had crashed within the app. Now , I'm beginning to think there is more to my problem, so I thought I should contact you guys personally. I have tried to find and restore my coins myself, but without any luck or success. Please can you look into my problem for me, I believe I had just below 4,000 coins and they have been gone for quite some time now.... Best part of 3 months or more! I have both paid for some puzzles as well as downloaded free puzzles!, so I am feeling very disappointed with my loss of coins. As this is one of my favourite apps, that occupies me during the day and night, I'd like to think you will look into this request soon and reimburse me along with an explanation of what went wrong and if it will happen again! As I'm severely disabled, I rely on my iPad a lot, especially for doing jigsaws. Of course, I like to do jigsaws on my iPad a lot. I use another app too that offers 1110 pieces, so I tend to alternate the 2 apps, as after doing one of the bigger jigsaws, it's nice to do a puzzle with half the amount of pieces.
    I would like to thank you all at Magic Puzzles for helping me to pass my time. I thoroughly enjoy doing the puzzles. I'm not a great sleeper so having something to do that I like doing is just great. I also got my mother who's both elderly and disabled addicted to doing your puzzles. We both carry our iPads wherever we go, be it a 5 minute wait or an hour wait, so we don't get bored.
    Thanks again, and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
    We are both looking forward to some new puzzles in 2015.

    Kind Regards
    Hazel F.

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    Aida brown

    The account is up but none of the date has gone through.?

    On my old iPad I am a level 38
    On this the new iPad I'm a level 1 with none of my completed puzzles.

    My Facebook is connected but none of my data has transferred?
    Please help as I love this game! And don't want to use two iPads :)
    Thank you

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    Patti Henning

    I have sent you an email please help!

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