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Is Magic Puzzles app available for other devices?

Yes, we are glad to tell you that Magic Puzzles app is available for iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices. You can also play Magic Puzzles on Facebook.

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    Viola Hite

    I'm writing to find out why my puzzles have not down loaded. I ordered the whole thing and my credit card has already been charged and the puzzles are not on my I pad

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    Why are the puzzles I purchased today not available and why can I not get into my collection

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    Frankie Lawson

    I'm up set because I updated and now I can't get any puzzles on the app. It tells me to download and I do it acts like it is and even says its in My Collections but nothing is there. I've lost everyone I had put together and I had purchased some.

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    sheila burton

    I cannot download magic free puzzles on my samsung tablet

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    Cindy waller

    It tells to download puzzles then says complete but they are not in my collection

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    David Prowse

    HI I am trying to move from ipad to windows 10 but there is no login/ I can go to app command and account but it does not tell me what account is logged in and it does not give me the option to login. Can you tell me if this is a known issue or am I doing something wrong. I can find the login anywhere. thanks

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    I can no longer open the messages/emails you send within the game or the page with all my puzzle packs. All I get is a dark brown screen with little fleck floating around.

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    Stephane Rosse

    You know, I should definitely receive a reward from your team !
    According to your app's stats, I have been playing 24855 days which is more than 68 years... Or perhaps something is wrong somewhere since I'm not even that old ! ;-)
    Great app by the way

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    Mary rue

    Purchased puzzle won’t download, nothing will restore. Puzzle store doesn’t work properly. I deleted magic puzzles and reinstalled it but still doesn’t work. I have bought many puzzles in past with no trouble.

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