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How do I use boosts?

Starting from version 1.10.0 you can use different boosts while completing the puzzles. Please note that the boosts are available only on iPad, but not on iPhone devices.

Click on the green button in the bottom right corner to activate the boosts.


See the list below: 


1)The Miracle frame button allows you to choose only the edge puzzle pieces

2) The Miracle magnet allows you to automatically join two puzzle pieces together, it can be used only for 42 and 72 levels of difficulty

3) This button opens the preview image of the puzzle

4) The Miracle hint button sets the puzzle preview as a background image, so you can easily complete the picture


1) This Magical line button allows you to automatically complete any horizontal line of the puzzle   

2) This Magical line button allows you to automatically complete any vertical line of the puzzle      

3)  The Super power button allows to choose any 3x3 square on the game board and it will automatically complete.

Please note that those 3 boosts are available only on 288 and 550 levels of difficulty.

Boosts can be purchased by watching videos, click on the plus sign next to the boost you would like to buy when no such boost left.




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    Tammy Uren

    I just downloaded this but after reading the comments I'm ready to delete it and keep checking to see if the developers ever do anything to fix it or if it's all hot air. I can see why everyone is upset and I agree I don't want to support anyone that treats people this way.
    I'll be back if and when this is fixed

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    Omg people! Just be thankful we live in such a wonderful age of technology that we can work a puzzle like this without dragging out a table and laying all the pieces out. You can carry your puzzle wherever you go. That is amazing enough. If you don't like the boosts, don't use them. Simple as that! Myself, sometimes I'm pretty much "done" with so much solid background color that I'm glad to use a boost just to be done and move on. Yeah, maybe that makes me not a "real" puzzle solver. I love this app!

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    Johanne C

    I love this app, and much regret bad feedback I gave when I first started. The flashing Ads were driving me nuts, and it was an effort to get through the first puzzle. I left it and found the site online and found out how to remove the ads, and have been happy since. The $7.99au was worth it. The Flashing Ads should include one of their own with an ad for the upgrade.
    They nearly lost me. (and I love jigsaws)

    I find the pricing very erratic. Some jigsaw sets only cost 10 coins and others over 5000.
    You can buy other peoples downloads for just 1 coin, then earn at least 2 even on the simplest setting, but generally much more. Good for users but seems a bit pointless.

    I really can't understand some of the "rip off" comments. Seems as if you can do unlimited jigsaws at no extra cost (apart from ad removal which includes other things). What do people expect? Who would fund/maintain a "totally free game" if there were no charges for anything.
    It can remain totally free indefinitely, or you can pay for more variety if you want it. But seriously, there is so much there, I am struggling to keep up with all the freebies and the very low cost which you can get with just a few coins.

    I think the "boost" features are a bit confusing. Personally I would think it would be much simpler to have "silver coins" that can be earned or bought, and used for any of the Boost Features. I am getting the impression looking at all the comments, that many people don't even want boosts, and are complaining about them. If they were able to be spent on other things, and not handed out so freely, they would be more prestigious and wanted.

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