FAQ Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

How do I zoom in/out the puzzle I'm working on?

The zoom and scroll feature is available for the difficulty levels of 288 and 550 pieces. 

To zoom in and out, use the standard iPad pinch in/out gesture. 

Please note that there is no zoom option on iPhone devices. 


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    I updated your app today and now when I attempt to open a purchased puzzle or a photo I've made into a puzzle, they will not open but I am taken back to my iPad desktop. Please help.

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    Yesterday, the highest level for number of jigsaw puzzle pieces was 630, with your update that I activated today, it changed the number to 550 pieces. WHY? and, How does it affect the points earned?

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    Dash Hepworth

    What about iPhone users? This feature is impossible for them. Are there any other ways to do this, and if not, can the feature possibly be implemented? Thank you.

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