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What is Jigsaw Puzzle Feed?

Jigsaw Puzzle Feed is a social feature which allows you to not only create and solve jigsaw puzzles of your own but to share these puzzles with other players. Jigsaw Puzzle feed allows you to solve puzzles shared by your friends and submitted by other Magic Puzzles players.

Please note: this feature is available only if you are registered in the app via Facebook.


Jigsaw Puzzle Feed contains 4 sections: Best in the world, My publications, Friends and Downloaded.

1) Would you like all Magic Puzzles players to see your beautiful photos? Share your puzzle with everyone and maybe your puzzle could be "Best in the World".
In order to add a new picture, press "+", then create a new photo with your camera or select one from album or via other services: 


Choose "Available to everyone" to share your puzzle with other puzzle players or make it available to your friends only.
Please note that in order to become visible to everyone the photo should be chosen from among the best ones and needs to be approved first.

2) My Publications allows you to publish your own images and share them with friends so that they can solve them: 

After you publish the image, your Facebook friends will be able to see it in the Friends section of Jigsaw Puzzle Feed. 
To delete the publication, press and hold the image, then press the trash bin sign to complete the deletion. 

3) Friends section allows you to solve puzzles shared by your friends on Facebook. The previews of all the images are hidden. To see them, you need to complete the puzzle. 

If you like your friend's picture, you can like it or share on Facebook. You can also write a comment in the text box under the image.

4) All the downloaded images are stored in Downloaded section and you can easily access them at any time. 


Solving puzzles shared by your friends or other puzzle players requires watching a short video ad:



  • Avatar

    Please add a way of sharing other than few Facebook. The person I want to share with doesn't have a Facebook account.

  • Avatar
    Carole Gibson

    I purchased a puzzle on Monday 2990 points little town tried to download it and it failed tried to reset my iPad but it still failed. If I don't get the puzzle I would like my points back. Thank you for your help.

  • Avatar

    If you are not going to answer my Emails or fix the download problem I want my energy points reimbursed...

  • Avatar

    Hi fellow players....well I finally got answer from the support team & they have re-stored my current level where it should be & im waiting for them to fix my download problem from purchases & re-store my pack... Hope that helps some of u out regarding if they ever do answer us :))).... hopefully ur issue w/b resolved soon 2.... I'll keep u posted!

  • Avatar

    solved thank you

  • Avatar
    I downloaded a puzzle from the puzzle feed but the puzzle i solved was only a part of the picture..why?
  • Avatar

    I just deleted a puzzle collection in error, can I get it back?

  • Avatar
    Sherry Gomez

    Unable to view new jigsaw feeds

  • Avatar

    Is there an issue with the feed? I haven't seen new puzzles for a couple of days

  • Avatar

    Free magic puzzle May 2018

  • Avatar
    Debbie Schutt

    When i try to publish nothing happens. The “publish” button does nothing when i tap on it.

  • Avatar
    Robert J Flechtner

    I can’t get out of the screen telling me to download a pack. Looks like the screen to share or download a friends puzzle. It’s like I can only download the pack, but I don’t want to. Says my subscription expired, but I never subscribed to anything that I am aware of. There are puzzle packs with a cart on them. I can’t delete them. HELP.

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