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I'm logged in with my Facebook, but I see LOGIN instead of my name

If you were logged in Magic Jigsaw puzzles, but noticed, that there is the word LOGIN instead of your name, or you are experiencing the issues with Feed/Tournaments sections, please follow the instruction:

1) make sure that in the Facebook Settings the app magic Jiqsaw Puzzles is allowed: open the Facebook page -> settings (see the screenshot №1,2) -> apps (screenshot №3). You should see the app “magic jigsaw puzzles” in the list.

2) make sure that you have only one current session with your Facebook account. If the Windows version of the app is open with the same Facebook account, there may be conflicts, you need to close for a while other applications of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles (android, windows, flash).

3) make sure that in the device Settings the date is set automatic: Settings -> General -> Date & Time -> Set Automatically -> On.

Then restart the application. Exit the application, double tap the home button to bring up the multi-tasking view and then swipe-up the screenshot of the application.

If you still see the Login instead of your Facebook name, then try the next step:

- remove the app from the Facebook Settings: settings (screenshot №1,2) -> apps (screenshot №3) -> Majic Jigsaw Puzzles (screenshot №4) -> delete (screenshot №5).  Restart the app again. Then you'll see the pop up "Log in again". Press ok.


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    I have tried all of the above. Can you reset my account some way so I can try to sign in with Facebook?

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