FAQ Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

How do I send logs?

We would highly appreciate if you send us Logs which will help us fix problems in the app.

These Logs will be forwarded to the developers directly, so please don't forget to copy:

- the description of your problem

- your Magic Puzzles ID

- your device and IOS version

Step 1:

- please open Magic puzzles app

- tap on the Menu button in the right upper corner

- tap on ABOUT

- then on Contact us button



 Step 2:

- put the short description of the problem in the subject line

- let us know your Magic Puzzles ID (Login -> Stats -> scroll down)

- iPad and iOS version

 Please see the examples:


Please note this is an example of how your Magic Puzzles ID should look. 

You own Magic Puzzles ID consists of other numbers.



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