FAQ Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

How do I find my Magic Puzzles ID?

In order to find your Magic Puzzles ID please:

- click on Settings on your Collection page


- choose Account


- Magic Puzzles ID


Please note: this is an example of how to find it, your actual Magic Puzzles ID consists of other numbers.



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    JAmes Thompson

    My account number is 43219028 38550121 (thompson2455@sbcglobal.net) I have accounts on iPad an my window 10. The program freezes on my iPad and when I am able to use the program adds come on after a few minutes of use. I did not receive my last order Mmdmnz3t9y(Japan) dated 12-6-17. Can I be sync between iPad and window 10

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    Kept freezing. I deleted & downloaded again & all my puzzles have disappeared. I had quite an extensive collection. How do I get them back? J2mccown

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    thank you

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    My ID 9755207. 5816537

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