FAQ Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Daily Bonus

The new Daily Bonus gives you the opportunity to turn over the cards and get gifts every day.

1) Click on Play on the Daily Bonus popup or on the gift icon to get the cards



2) Watch a short video to get a bonus:


3) Then pick a card to get your prize:



4) Watch short videos for 30 days and get and Emerald card! The emerald card gives you a reward of 500 coins.




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    Karen Kercho

    In my game the Accounts page is not located inside the game itself. I had to use a link that your support team sent me yesterday. Also, there is a red box around the Settings and I can’t get into it. Would appreciate any suggestions you may have.
    Thank you.

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    Polly B

    Often the daily bonus doesn’t work right. I see three cards with a green spinner underneath. The cards, or sometimes the video, never show up. I can only exit without playing the game.

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